Fashion & design magazine.


Van Gogh & The Kitchen


Milan, Italy


Conceptualization, Product Design, UX, Art Direction, Visual Design.


UX/UI designers, Interactive designer, Creative lead.

Tablet App to strengthen the client's positioning as a leader and as an influencer in the sector of Fashion & Design.

Targets: Influencers, fashionistas, followers of art and design. Followers of trends and aspirational users: young designers, artists and students.

The concept of our proposal revolves around the creation of a digital magazine that provides a space for artistic expression and inspiration, where the user enjoys exploring and discovering fashion, art and design contents from a noncommercial approach.

01.The challenge: Finding the balance between an experimental and an editorial approach

From the initial stages of conceptualization, we recognized the need to outline an application that took into account two key factors: On the one hand, going beyond an editorial content platform; on the other hand, providing a simple and intuitive browsing experience. The application has to provide an aspirational experience, allowing users to immerse themselves in the worlds of art and beauty while, at the same time, making contents more accessible. This was the challenge: finding the perfect balance between the experimental approach and editorial access.

02.Visual & UX: how to create a space for inspiration.

Focusing on the user: how do we create a space to immerse oneself in and enjoy art and beauty?
Visual Design - Interaction Design - Contents: our aim is to generate emotions in the user through visual design & interaction design: inspiration, escape, satisfaction. We want to offer them an experience that will please them and they will remember.
We want them to visit the application, to enjoy it, to remember it, and that they will come back.

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