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Project strategy, UX research, web design (IA, IxD, UX/UI design, prototyping, animation), coding, content strategy, design production, digital TOV, copywriting.


Creative director, UX/UI designer, interaction designer, project director, project manager, coders, copywriter.

Organising a corporate event is a huge task. At Hitachi-Johnson Controls Air Conditioning, it’s busy local marketing managers who do the work.

Hitachi wanted to make events more effective, easier to manage and promote, with a consistent global approach. They also wanted to enhance the guest experience.

Our solution: the Events Manager. A friendly online event management tool for Hitachi people to manage and improve events across their whole business.

01.The product.

The brief was to streamline event organisation, unify events under the brand identity and replace ad hoc local event management with a coherent, company-wide approach.

Collaborative research.

We worked closely with Hitachi Cooling & Heating to identify the different user groups and their needs. As part of our research, we analysed the life-cycle of an event from the point of view of all those users: the guests as well as country and global marketing managers.

User journeys = user stories.

With such a large-scale project, we made a special effort to keep it human. We talked with people from the different user groups to make sure their needs were at the heart of the solution.

Design with intent.

Finally, with that intelligence, we could develop a tool that precisely meets the needs of everyone who comes into contact with it. Every feature carefully considered, every function simple and intuitive.

Campaign management dashboard.

Country marketing managers are in the driver’s seat. Using the Events Manager dashboard, they can create and promote events, and track and manage their guest lists.
Campaign management dashboard.
Create event form.
Guest details.

WYSIWYG page editor.

Users can easily create impressive, effective, on-brand landing pages and emails. No special skills needed! The visual editor includes all the basic page elements, plus a range of customisable modules for building feature-rich pages.
Landing editor modules wireframes.
Gallery module.
Add module.
Schedule module.

Effective landing pages.

The editor populates all the basic page elements with the relevant event details. So guests always get the information they need.

Invitations you can’t refuse.

The editor is also used to create event emails, like that all-important invitation.

Guest list management.

The whole guest journey is managed via the Events Manager. Import contact lists, send emails, track registrations and check-in guests at the event.
Guest control dashboard.
Salesforce integrations helps target leads for future campaigns.

Five star feedback.

After the event, organisers can request feedback using the built-in survey module. Guests’ responses can be downloaded and analysed.

Measure the results.

Comprehensive data collection includes guest list segmentation, generation and segmentation of new leads, email open and conversion rates, and feedback surveys. Data can be analysed locally to assess how effective a specific event was, or globally to analyse event performance by country.

02.The launch.

Hitachi asked us to create a campaign to launch the Events Manager. The objective: to convince country marketing managers to adopt the tool, as well as promoting it to the wider Hitachi organisation.

Launch video.

Rather than a boring screencast we decided to showcase the tool by telling the story of an event. We developed the storyboards and style, worked with a production company to shoot the video at Hitachi HQ in Madrid, and then cut the final edit in our studio.

Launch microsite.

As well as presenting the video, the microsite introduced the Events Manager’s key features and linked to a range of resources that we developed to support users.

Product support.

Key to the launch was making sure the main user groups were well supported. We created a collection of resources including a detailed and friendly user guide, handy hints and tips, and direct access to the brand image library.

Product testing and global launch.

We soft launched the Events Manager in five countries. This allowed us to do live testing and gather user feedback. We then made a few final tweaks before hitting the button on the global rollout.

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